In Albuquerque NM, the artist is represented by
the Rio Grande Gallery in historic old town.
Click on the logo to view their website.

In Sedona, AZ:

Along with his original paintings, a large selection of the collaborative art (with Russell Metzger) is on view.
These include:  Four Corners Sunset, Twisted Cloth Canyon, Meditation, Coyote Mesa, Blue Grotto, Narrow City, Windowsill Roses and Wrinkle Point Pier.  Four of my solo works are on exhibit:  Autumn Trees at Golden Hour, Flowers in a Blue Vase, Wildflowers and The Lonely Road. 
There are also original solo works by Russell Metzger in the gallery. 
The collaborative works are highly textured paintings on canvas and Alder wood up to 8 feet long using hardened, twisted fabrics, polished stone, dyes and epoxy resins.  The artists have turned the fabrics and other materials into dramatic skyscrapers, gigantic waves, cliffs, mountains, coves, clouds, even towering flowers.  These include tributes to Vincent van Gogh and Andy Warhol.  
Images may be seen in the Collaborations Portfolio: 
Chicago Moon, Twisted Cloth Canyon, 65 Million Years Ago, Meditation, The Spirit of Vincent, Andy’s Collection, the Fab Four, Windowsill Flowers, White Collar Peak and Zipper Falls.
Click HERE for video from recent exhibit at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, CA.
Wrangler Jeans has an interesting piece on their blog.