Books Authored:


The Fires of Pele:  Mark Twain’s Legendary Lost Journal   (1986) (Pictorial Legends)


STAR WARS:  The Glove of Darth Vader (1992)  (Random House / Bantam)


STAR WARS:  The Lost City of the Jedi (1992)  (Random House / Bantam)


STAR WARS:  Zorba the Hutt’s Revenge (1992) (Random House / Bantam)


STAR WARS:  Mission From Mount Yoda (1993) (Random House / Bantam


STAR WARS:  Queen of the Empire (1993) (Random House / Bantam)


STAR WARS:  Prophets of the Dark Side (1993) (Random House / Bantam)


STAR WARS: BOOK ONE (1997)  Barnes and Noble


STAR WARS: BOOK TWO (1997)  Barnes and Noble


JUST BECLAUS I LOVE YOU (2007) Yellow Hat Publishing


Poems to Read While Driving on Freeways and Other Ways to Die Laughing (


Right-Brained Poems for Left-Brained People  (


Poems to Read When You Run Out of Weed  (


Professor Hack Harddrive Makes You Laugh When You Run Out of Gas  ( (E-book enhanced with video)